294 million litres of cider have been sold in the last year

7 out of every 10 pints of cider sold are apple


As the British consumer looks to trade up for taste, heritage and provenance when choosing their drinks, premiumisation offers publicans a clear opportunity to grow their cider sales.

Latest figures show the On-Trade market reaching £1.9 billion, with nearly 294 million litres of cider sold in the last year. That’s volume growth of 2.0% – and value growth double that at 4.0%.

Cider’s no longer a West Country-only drink. As the category gains traction outside of its traditional heartland, we’ve seen people move towards different tastes and styles. Fruit, flavoured and cloudy ciders have helped fill this demand for sweeter ciders in particular, yet there’s an important role for the taste diversity that apple ciders can deliver through innovative cidermaking, from dry through to medium and sweet.

Thanks to Thatchers’ innovation and investment in the apple category, two of our ciders continue to post significant growth in the On-Trade.

Thatchers Gold has the highest rate of sale and is the #2 draught apple cider, growing at +4.7%, while Thatchers Haze is growing at +48.9%. Both brands are in the top 5 winning ciders – the only apple brands to appear.

With great tasting ciders in our portfolio, we’re continuing to champion the cider category and create awareness around the diversity on offer in cider.

CGA 52w/e 23rd March 2019