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Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue

Thatchers Foundation contributes to vital equipment for Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue

Volunteers with the Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue are hoping to have their challenging work aided with new VHF digital radios, with their fundraising taking a step closer to completion thanks to a donation by the Thatchers Foundation.

The Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue teams, who work closely with the Avon and Somerset Police and other emergency services to typically search for missing individuals in difficult ground, including steep terrain and waterside, cover around 1800 sq miles throughout Somerset, Bristol and Bath.

50 volunteers make up the Search & Rescue, on call 24/7. A registered charity, they receive no funding from any public body and rely entirely on public subscription.

Chris Thring, Chairman of the Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue comments, “Our volunteers provide a vital service in searching and rescuing from difficult ground. We rely on financial support to keep us going, we are therefore very grateful to The Thatchers Foundation for their donation which will be put to valuable use through contributing to the purchase of new digital VHF radios.

“Radio communication between the search and rescue teams, and between the search control vehicle and individual teams is essential for the effectiveness of the work we undertake. The radios we currently use, analogue VHF, are increasingly unreliable and their effectiveness is poor. The new digital VHF radios will have many advantages and will allow our teams to function effectively to serve the population.”

Mike Williamson, Trustee of The Thatchers Foundation, adds, “With the Mendips on our doorstep we are very aware of the commitment and dedication of the volunteers at the Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue. They deserve to have the most effective equipment to assist them in their challenging work, we are therefore very pleased to make this donation of £5,000 which will bring them towards their target for the purchase of their new radio communications.”

The Thatchers Foundation has been set up by the Thatcher family to help and support community and charitable activities, in particular in the parishes of Sandford, Winscombe and adjoining villages. Contributions to individuals or organisations may be through financial grants, or through the donation of time and physical help. For more information about the Thatchers Foundation, visit

Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue website: