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Introduction to Thatchers

Thatchers Cider is a family run business based in Somerset.

We’ve been making cider for over 100 years and the world around us has changed quite a bit. The one thing that’s remained the same is the care, dedication and passion that goes into the craft of our cider making from start to finish.

As one of the top cider-making businesses in the world we are proud of what we have achieved, and we are even more excited about our plans.  We continue to experience strong growth of our brands through our passion for quality, industry-leading levels of investment in marketing, people development, innovation and world class enhancements in cider mill and packaging technology.  We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint across all that we do.

As a fourth-generation family cider-maker, founded in 1904, we’re very proud of our Somerset roots and our proximity to Bristol means an easy commute if you like the city life. We’re focused on building a sustainable business and are continually looking for the next generation of our workforce.

We have a strong ethos of continually investing in quality here at Myrtle Farm. We have continued to focus on our cidermaking facilities at Myrtle Farm including all stages of the cidermaking process, the development of a new mill and distribution warehouse, and energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

Supporting our brands, we have invested in strong marketing campaigns, including TV and digital advertising, notably outside of the traditional cider category seasons.