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Thatchers Cocktails for Pubs & Bars

We’ve created six brand new delicious cocktails that hero our Gold & Haze ciders in a new, innovative way. Using cider as the perfect base and blending with different flavours and spirits we’ve created a range that is sure to tantalise taste buds and bring in drinkers from the gin, rum, cognac and bourbon categories. Our cocktails can be made with either our draught or packaged range.

Don’t forget to download our brochure and menus to help support your Thatchers cocktails in your pub or bar.

Download our cocktail brochure and printable menus here!

Thatchers Cocktail Brochure: Cocktail-Brochure.pdf (69 downloads)

Gold Cocktail Menu: Cocktail-Menu-Gold.pdf (37 downloads)

Haze Cocktail Menu: Cocktail-Menu-Haze.pdf (33 downloads)