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Our Values

They are so important to us here at Thatchers as they showcase everything we stand for as a brand.



It’s at the heart of everything we do. We see all our employees as an extension of the Thatcher family.

History & Heritage.

We’re a real company with a real story which means we’re an authentic, transparent brand. We’re so proud of how the company has developed over time. Our employees have been part of our history in helping us to change with the times.

Somerset Roots.

Being born and bred in Somerset it’s a place we will always be proud of. For us it’s about continually recruiting local talent and working with the local community to never forget who we are and where we’ve come from.

Quality, Craft & Expertise.

This is embedded across the business, from making sure we use only the best apples, the best process and machinery, to having the best people work for us. We are a quality brand so it’s essential this always remains at the forefront of our values so that we can continue to make the best tasting cider.


As a growing family business it’s crucial we future proof for the next generation and are sustainable in all that we do. From ensuring we make the most sensible business decisions, to doing our bit to help save the planet, reducing and embracing renewable energy to cut our carbon footprint.