Discover Thatchers Rascal

A characterful apple cider with roguish depth, for those looking for something different


Have you been down to Myrtle Farm and seen the guardian of our apples in the orchards? Well, the friendly fox has given his name to our Rascal cider, relaunched earlier this year with a new look and supported with a trade, social media and PR programme.

This 4.5% bittersweet, refreshing, premium amber cider has been a Thatchers favourite for many years, many have said it’s one our best kept secrets!

Thatchers Rascal is made from all bittersweet cider apples including West Country favourites Somerset Redstreak, Dabinett and Tremlett’s Bitter, to give a refreshing cider that is balanced with a smooth sweetness and finished with a light sparkle. Crafted at Myrtle Farm here in Somerset, Rascal is made with Thatchers dedication to quality, flavour and consistency.

Thatchers Rascal is packaged in a new clear recyclable 500ml bottle, allowing the beautiful amber colour of the cider to shine through the glass. We’ve introduced a new copper font as well as a new branded stem glass, bar runners, tent cards, and drip mats.

Rascal is a premium cider that offers complexity within its bittersweet character. It gives the drinker a characterful apple cider with a roguish depth, for those who are looking for something different and away from the mainstream.

This is a quirky brand that we believe will suit outlets looking for a premium cider that’s a little different – with the credibility of Thatchers behind it.

If you’re interested, give us a call on 01934 822862