Is an apprenticeship for me?

Apprenticeships are great if you want to get hands-on experience in a job alongside studying.

A lot of students decide to go down the apprenticeship route if they are unsure of exactly what they want to study at University or simply want a break from academic learning. It’s much more practical and you will gain lifelong skills that cannot be taught from a textbook.

What skills and knowledge will I gain?  

The skills and knowledge you gain will be applicable across any job and industry but will vary slightly depending on your role and the department you work in.

The most common transferable skills that you will improve during your career at Thatchers are communication, resilience, confidence, organisational, time management, project management, flexibility, and adaptability.

What can I expect as an apprentice?

Our key objectives as part of the programme are for apprentices to develop in 3 key areas:

  1. Technical ability – we will ensure you have all the technical training and knowledge to be able to do your job role.
  2. Employability skills – as part of the programme we ensure we develop all our apprentices’ employability skills through a series of real-life projects, including apprentice ambassador activities in the community and participating in company events.
  3. Commercial knowledge – ensuring you understand the principals of working in a family run business and the food and drink industry, through brands training, participating in business seminars and attending corporate visits to other businesses.

It’s important that all our apprentices understand how we make our products and experience all aspects of their journey. You will be welcomed into the Thatchers family from the first day you start.

You should expect to work hard. You will gain from learning a lot from the leading industry experts we have in our teams.

What is the course structure?

Depending on the qualification you are studying and the area of the business you are, the course structure may vary.

But typically, you will join in the September, undergo a two-week intense apprentice induction, welcoming you into the Thatchers family and giving you the opportunity to meet other apprentices in your team and departments.

For most apprentices learning is delivered on site by college assessors who will come in to support you every 4-6 weeks; if your apprenticeship is more technical you could go to college for your learning which could be typically every week or every month depending on the qualification. Most entry level apprenticeships take between 12-18 months to complete.

At the end of your apprenticeship you will be put through your ‘gateway’ which is a term used to define when you are ready for your end point assessment – at this point and only when you feel ready you will complete your apprenticeship and be awarded with your qualification.

What support will there be?

Upon finishing your induction, you will be placed in with your team as a full-time member of staff. You will be trained for the job at hand by the team themselves as well as having support from your college assessor who you can expect to visit you at Thatchers every 4-6 weeks.

Each apprentice is assigned a line manager and a mentor at Thatchers, so you will you get all the help and support you need to succeed within the team.  As well as this you will have your college assessor and the welfare team at the college who can offer a wealth of support and guidance whenever you need it.

Where can my apprenticeship lead me?

Becoming an apprentice at Thatchers can lead you pretty much anywhere around the business depending on your skill set, interest, and dedication to work. Most people that have undergone an apprenticeship at Thatchers have naturally fallen into a role that they shine in, enjoy and above all are good at.