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Thatchers Fusion New Flavour Install

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to stock a brand-new Thatchers Fusion flavour! Before you pour your delicious new flavour, there’s a few things you’ll need to do…


Please get in contact with our helpful customer service team. You’ll need to let us know which new flavour you’ll be stocking so that we can send you a new install kit.

Your install kit will include a new badge for your font, cleaning bottle & tent cards so you can tell your customers that you’re stocking a new flavour!

Please call us on 01934827408 or click here to use our online contact form. 


Before you can pour your new Fusion flavour, you’ll need to follow the cleaning instructions below to ensure that the flavour lines within your Fusion font are clear of any previous flavours.

  1. Disconnect the pump from the bottle of flavour that you are looking to remove by unscrewing the red lid attached to the cartridge. Replace the orginal white lid on the bottle you have removed (This will still keep until the end of its shelf life).
  2. Disconnect the flavour line from the font.
  3. Without connecting another bottle, prime the pump by holding down the button until the pipe is empty of flavour and replaced with air.
  4. While wearing the recommended PPE suggested by your line cleaner supplier, fill the cleaning bottle (supplied in your new flavour install kit) with diluted line cleaner (dilute as instructed on the line cleaning product being used).
  5. Carefully secure the pick up tube and bung together.
  6. Carefully push the pick up tube and bung into the bottle filled with diluted line cleaner.
  7. Attach the cleaning bottle to the pump and prime until the pump tube is filled with the diluted line cleaner.
  8. Reconnect the flavour line back to the font.
  9. Perform a line clean on the font and leave the line cleaner in overnight. Please note, the fusion box must be kept on whilst performing the clean. For flavours that you are not changing, remove the pump from the fusion box to prevent any flavour wastage while cleaning.
  10. In the morning, remove the cleaning bottle from the font. Empty any remaining contents into a sink.
  11. Rinse and fill the cleaning bottle with fresh water and reconnect to the pump.
  12. Disconnect the flavour line from the font.
  13. Prime the pump so that the pump tube fills up with fresh water.
  14. Reconnect the flavour line to the font
  15. Pull a few jugs of water through the font with the Fusion box turned on and until the water runs clear of line cleaner – PH strips can be used to confirm.
  16. Connect the new flavour to the pump as normal and prime until the pump is filled with flavour.
  17. Attach a keg of Thatchers Apple Fusion cider to the font.
  18. Pull through until the cider starts flowing!

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