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Thatchers Katy ABV 7.4%

Thatchers Katy is a single variety cider crafted from only the finest Katy apples.

Reasons to Stock

  • • Katy has just been given a brand new look – giving it better stand out.
    • A single variety cider that is unique to the market made only with the Katy apple.
    • Standout bottle performer of the year +70.9% growth, highest of top 20 bottles*.
    • Ideal for consumers who enjoy prosecco or wine.
    *IRI 52w/e 15th August 2020

    POS Support

    • Stemmed half pint glassware
    • Thatchers Bar Towels
    • Thatchers Rubber Bar Runner


    • 500ml bottle

    Food Pairing

    Its light fruity feel works well with delicate savoury flavours and is perfect with citrus and chilli. This is a great drink to cleanse the palate.

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