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Modern Slavery Statement



Modern slavery is an umbrella term that covers slavery, servitude, forced labour and human trafficking. Common types of modern slavery include criminal, labour and sexual exploitation along with debt bondage and domestic servitude. Thatcher Cider is aware of these growing issues around the world and has a zero-tolerance approach to all aspects of modern slavery in its operations and supply chains.

This statement describes the steps Thatchers Cider has taken to prevent modern slavery in its business for the financial year ending 31st August 2020 and has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


Thatchers Cider Company Limited (“Thatchers Cider”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thatchers Holdings Limited.  Thatchers Holdings Limited, John Thatcher Farming Limited and Thatchers Railway Inn Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of Thatchers Myrtle Farm Limited, the ultimate parent company.

Thatchers Cider Company was established in 1904 by William Thatcher.  Martin Thatcher, our current Managing Director is a fourth-generation cider maker who has continued to successfully grow the business year on year, from a local farmhouse cidermaker to a worldwide supplier employing approximately 200 people. Our roots are firmly placed in heritage, family values, sustainability, craft and expertise, along with a passion for quality and we still make all of our cider at the original Myrtle Farm in Sandford.

Supply Chains

Thatchers Cider requests from all its suppliers, details around their compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and carefully reviews these responses. Any suppliers that are not covered by the legalisation or do not have statements are requested to read our policy and confirm that they adhere to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act, while being advised that further details can be found at

Thatchers Cider provides training for its employees who work in parts of the business where the risk of modern slavery is greatest such as purchasing or farming, in order to increase the likelihood of any instances of modern slavery being identified and resolved. If a Thatchers Cider employee suspects any supplier is involved in Modern Slavery they will raise the issue with their Director, who will investigate and communicate to the board. If a breach of the Act is found or still suspected, trading with the supplier will cease immediately and the relevant authority’s will be notified.

Thatchers Cider has reviewed its own internal business, working conditions, and terms of employment and has found no areas of concern which are suggestive of modern slavery or other exploitation.

This statement was approved by the Boards of Directors of Thatchers Holdings Limited, Thatchers Myrtle Farm Limited, and Thatchers Cider Company Limited.

Gary Delafield
Supply Chain Director