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A Big Thank You to Front Line Services from Thatchers.

From everyone at Thatchers Cider a big thank you to staff in hospitals and the ambulance services across the West Country fighting Covid-19.

In the best way we know how, we’ve been delivering gifts of our Zero cider to our health care heroes across the West Country, for relaxing with at home after their shifts on the front line.

Martin Thatcher, who’s our fourth generation cidermaker, says, “We thought long and hard about how we could best say thank you to the thousands of dedicated and brave workers who are putting themselves on the line for us all, caring for patients when they need it most.

“We make cider, and so it made perfect sense to bring some refreshment to our health care heroes for them to enjoy at home after a long and hard shift at work.

“Our alcohol-free cider, Zero, has been really well received, and I’m so pleased this is something we’ve been able to do.”

Over the next few weeks Thatchers will be donating bottles of Zero to healthcare workers in hospitals and ambulance services throughout the West Country. Already we’ve visited the RUH in Bath, Musgrove in Taunton, Western General and Yeovil District hospitals, together with the Royal Devon and Exeter. This week we’ll be saying thank you to hospitals in Bristol as well as South Western Ambulance Service Trust and Bristol Ambulance.



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