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At Thatchers We Can

We have commissioned our first canning line at Myrtle Farm, which means we are now able to press and package all of our ciders here at home.

The canning line, which can fill an astonishing 30,000 cans an hour and features state-of-the-art automation, robotics and inspection systems, is housed in our Jubilee Building, where our cider is also filled into kegs for delivery to pubs up and down the country.

“When we planned our Jubilee Building, which opened in 2014, it was always our intention to install a canning line and bring all our packaging under one roof. We have previously needed to have our ciders canned by a third party off-site, however, bringing this process into Myrtle Farm offers huge advantages of many different kinds, not least for staff development,” says Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cidermaker.

As well as canning, we have our own bottling line, which can fill, cap and label 20,000 bottles every hour along with a keg line that produces 600 pints per minute.

“We have kegged and bottled our ciders here at Myrtle Farm for many years, but with the growing appeal of cans to cider drinkers throughout the UK, we’re delighted to be bringing everything back home to Myrtle Farm,” concludes Martin.

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