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Battle of the Cider Barns

Each year, Somerset cider maker Thatchers releases limited edition bottled ciders in its Cider Barn collection. As thoughts start turning to harvest, the fourth generation cider maker is asking cider fans to choose which popular Cider Barn variety they would like to see returning this year.

Thatchers has chosen four of its most popular speciality ciders, the first of which was introduced back in 2008, for people to choose from.

Each cider has its own story to tell, from single or dual apple variety or single orchard, all crafted with love at Myrtle Farm from the tastiest West Country apples. The shortlist is: single variety Prince William; award winning Redstreak; dual variety Morgan Sweet and Grenadier; and the ever popular 458.

People can take part in the vote via Thatchers web site and more information will be posted over coming weeks on its social channels. All entries will be placed in a prize draw to win the first bottles of the chosen Cider Barn, and an exclusive live tasting session with Thatchers head cider maker, Richard Johnson.

Here are the contenders:

Morgan Sweet and Grenadier:
This single variety was first introduced in 2016 crafted from two apple varieties. The Morgan Sweet dessert apple has a wine-like sweetness and body, and is perfectly paired with the refreshing bite of the acclaimed Grenadier culinary apple. The result is a delicate and refined cider, with a gentle hint of tropical fruit. Morgan Sweet and Grenadier has an ABV of 7.4%

Our 458 is crafted from the apple varieties found in John Thatcher’s Exhibition Orchard. It’s a true showcase for the heritage of the apple, including the complete range if cider apple types, bittersweet, bittersharp, culinary sweet and culinary sharp. This is an 8.4% cider with plenty of body and depth.

Prince William:
This is a single variety cider crafted from the modern cider apple variety named after HRH Prince William. This is a mild and delicate flavoured apple that creates a soft and subtle 4.5% cider with plenty of body.

The Somerset Redstreak apple is high in tannin and big on flavour. It creates a bold, peppery cider with a spicy apple pie flavour, smooth feel and deep rich colour. Our award winning Redstreak cider has been one of our most popular, and has an abv of 8.4%.

The chosen cider will be announced on Thatchers social media channels once voting closes on 15th August, with the winning cider will be ready to launch in the Autumn. There will be 15 prizes of a case of the first bottles off the line, and an exclusive live tasting session with head cidermaker Richard Johnson on Zoom.

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