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Celebrating all that’s fantastic about British cider

Discover Cider is a new campaign that’s celebrating all that’s fantastic about British cider.

We’re delighted to be a part of it, and we’ll be joining with cidermakers across the UK over the next three months in sharing stories about the diversity of cider.

Gabe Cook, aka the Ciderologist, is leading the campaign, and says, “Cider is more than just a drink. It is a community of diverse, friendly and welcoming people, places and occasions. It presents the best of British Drinks. So why not join us as we Discover Cider?”

The world of cider is blossoming and over thirty producers have joined together in this campaign, uniting around three common themes: diversity of both style and occasion; community – whether it’s cider’s rich heritage, its orchards or metropolitan cider clubs; and cider’s impeccably green credentials.

Our family has been making cider here in Somerset for four generations. We care about our ciders, and we care about tomorrow and have a vision to create sustainable, great tasting cider for generations to come, enjoyed, loved and respected the world over.

From the individual variety of apples we use, to the knowledge that we’ve gained over four generations to make beautiful ciders that are bursting with flavour, we take great care to stay true to our roots.

That’s why we encourage you to Discover Cider.

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