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Deliciously sweet and succulent – the welcome return of Thatchers Cox’s Cider

We’re delighted to welcome the return of our single variety cider, Thatchers Cox’s.

This single variety cider takes its naturally sweet and juicy flavour from the instantly recognisable characteristic of the Cox’s apple. Harvested in October, the apples are all pressed at Myrtle Farm, and the fresh juice fermented and cold filtered to capture and preserve the natural zest of this ever- popular dessert apple. Bright, clear and sparkling, Thatchers Cox’s is a medium cider that captures the crisp and refreshing flavour of the apple from which it takes its name.

Chief cider maker, Richard Johnson, says, “The small, red flush apple is a deliciously sweet succulent fruit that has an aromatic flavour and crisp bite. It creates a light refreshing cider that really captures the character of this popular apple.”

We last produced Cox’s cider in 2014 – and if you’re a fan, then hurry, as only a limited batch is being produced this autumn as part of our exclusive Thatchers Cider Barn range.

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