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Introducing our Grenadier Single Variety Cider

We’re introducing a new single variety cider made from the Grenadier apple.

Called simply Thatchers Grenadier, the cider will be part of the Thatchers Cider Barn range this year.

A crisp, bright green culinary apple grown in our orchards at Myrtle Farm – where second generation Stan Thatcher farmed his fields – the freshly pressed juice of the Grenadier apple is beautifully crafted to create a gentle wine-like sparkling cider.

The result is a cider that truly reflects our Somerset orchards.  With its crisp finish, floral and fruity notes, Grenadier makes a perfect accompaniment to a meal – try it with fish, salads or perhaps an aromatic sweet chilli dish.

Thatchers Grenadier is available online and from our Cider Shop at Myrtle Farm.

We bring new ciders into our Cider Barn Range every year. These limited edition ciders demonstrate the characteristics of an individual apple, or blend, or perhaps a particular cider making technique. Just 10,000 bottles of Thatchers Grenadier have been produced.

Our chief cider maker, Richard Johnson, says, “The Grenadier apple is a favourite here at Myrtle Farm that we’ve grown in our orchards for many years, adding a gentle bite to our ciders. The apples are early to harvest, and always pressed within 24 hours of being picked for optimum flavour.

“We are delighted with the result as a Single Variety Cider – the fruit’s crispness shines through with each sip.

“With the apples for this cider all from our orchards at Myrtle Farm, crafted and bottled here at our mill, these are ciders that reflect the very heart of Somerset cidermaking.”

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