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Introducing our Summer Vintage

We have introduced a new seasonal cider into our traditional premium range for 2018. Summer Vintage, a 7.4% cider available in 500ml bottles, has been inspired by a stroll through our Somerset orchards, to create a light yet full flavoured cider for the summer months.

With a touch of sweetness from our choice of dessert apples, and added body and depth from bittersweet, this is a well-balanced, medium dry cider, with all important freshness for the warmer weather.

Martin Thatcher says, “We first made this cider back in 2016 as a limited edition, and thanks to popular demand we’re now making it again for this year’s summer season. I love this cider – it’s easy to drink, naturally light in colour, with a delicate aroma, but at the same time has a rounded, full flavour, that comes from the mix of bittersweet and dessert apples that we press and blend here at Myrtle Farm.

“We hope that people will really enjoy this cider while – hopefully – enjoying the delights of the British summer.”

Thatchers Summer Vintage will sit alongside Thatchers Vintage and Thatchers Katy, and will be available  in selected Tesco stores nationwide from 9th April 2018, and locally in the in Sandford, Somerset.

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