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James Pullen is our apple grower of the year

Congratulations to James Pullen, who is our apple grower of the year for 2019.

From his farm in Yeovil, South Somerset, James delivers outstanding and consistently high quality apples to Myrtle Farm year on year.

Richard Johnson, Thatchers chief cidermaker says, “It’s no mean feat to be delivering top quality apples throughout the length of the harvest season. From the early Katy apple through to Harry Masters, Dabinett and Michelin three months later, James knows exactly how to ensure a consistent quality of fruit, and harvest to perfection.”

Having been supplying Thatchers for ten years, James is a well-known figure here at Myrtle Farm, taking great pride in the apples that he delivers personally by tractor and trailer.

“The apples he brings us are always at their absolute freshest,” adds Richard. “We know that we’re always able to press his crop within 24 hours of it being picked.”

James says, “Growing apples for Thatchers is a real pleasure. We share the same values of accepting only the highest quality. It’s a great honour and surprise to be presented with this award.”

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