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Katy celebrates its 21st harvest

Thatchers Katy Cider is celebrating its 21st harvest this year.

A softly sparkling Somerset Cider, Katy is pressed and bottled at Myrtle Farm from the red, juicy Katy apple.  The 7.4% single variety cider is a softly sparkling, medium dry Somerset cider. Its natural fruit acidity makes it a great pairing for foods such as sole and plaice, prawns and shellfish.

This September we are unveiling a new label for Katy, which conveys its single variety character in a bright and vibrant way.

Martin Thatcher says, “Katy is a beautiful cider, light and softly sparkling, and has always had a very loyal following. The new label will make Katy more accessible to a new audience – we’re sure that Katy will make many new friends who enjoy a premium cider with real character.

“It’s 21 years since we first produced Katy cider – she’s come a long way since then, and this new label is a great way to celebrate her continued success.”

About the Katy Apple

The Katy apple is a cross between the James Grieve and Worcester Pearmain apple, giving the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness for a single variety cider.

In 2016 Katy was named the Champion Cider in the acclaimed Hereford Museum Cider and Perry Competition.

Cider Cocktails

See our Cocktails page for inspiration with cocktails such as Katy and Cassis and Hedgerow Spritzer.

Food pairings with Katy

Katy is amazing with food and a cold, crisp Katy is a perfect alternative to a dry white wine. Its light strawberry notes make it perfect with delicate flavours, white meat and fish. Fruity ciders like Katy with lower tannins are also perfect with fragrant, mildly spiced dishes, and it cuts through fried food well.

Suggested food pairings:

  • Fresh and simple seafood like oysters, prawns or mussels
  • Leafy salads
  • Pork and pork pies with caramelise onion chutney
  • Creamy mild kormas
  • Japanese tempura
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