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Mouth-watering Dishes To Pair With Cider

Thatchers Cider has launched a campaign that promotes the versatility of our ciders to pair alongside food.

We have asked two specialist chefs to create a series of recipes that not only work exceptionally well with our ciders, but promote the best regional food produce.

Martin Thatcher, Managing Director of Thatchers Cider says, “Cider is such a versatile drink, that we really think it goes amazingly well with food. There are so many opportunities to consider how to match a dish with different styles of cider – whether with more traditional meals like fish and chips, to tapas-style bar snacks, and more spicy food.

“Within the Thatchers range for example we have rounder, fuller styles of cider such as Thatchers Vintage which works well with bolder, deeper flavours, while a lighter fresher style of cider such as Thatchers Rosé really cleanses the palate and works fantastically well with Indian and spicier dishes.”

Thatchers has been crafting cider at Myrtle Farm in Somerset for four generations. Nestled at the foot of the Mendip Hills, our orchards are our pride and joy. With apple varieties such as Dabinett, Somerset Redstreak and Porters Perfection, it’s here that the journey starts to craft our ciders, inspired by the heritage and values of the Thatcher family.

It is only right therefore that we has asked two exciting West Country food experts to create a series of dishes that represent regional produce at its finest and match perfectly with Thatchers range of ciders.

Tim Maddams is the former head chef at River Cottage, and now runs his own community food project called Hall and Hearty.  The dishes he has created for Thatchers include some pub classics, such as Cider Battered Pollack Fillet, Chips and Mushy Peas to pair with Thatchers Gold ; alongside some mouth-watering snacks and starters such as Root Vegetable Fritters to pair with Thatchers Rosé and Herb-crusted Salt Beef to pair with Thatchers Vintage.

Bini Ludlow runs her own Indian Cookery School where she places emphasis on authentic Indian cuisine, and original flavour combinations. The menus she has created for Thatchers include Bateta Varas, a delicious starter or bar snack, to pair with Thatchers Katy; Paneer and Sweet Pepper Curry to pair with Thatchers Rosé; and West Country Shoulder of Lamb and Aubergine curry to pair with Thatchers Vintage.

 Thatchers Gold This full flavoured medium dry Somerset cider has a wonderfully rich golden colour, with a hint of honey and floral notes leaving flavours that are rounded on the palate. This cider cuts through rich foods with surprising ease. It’s brilliant with cheese, particularly blue cheese, but it really comes into its own with some good old fish and chips. Thatchers Gold is the South West’s favourite cider, and across the UK is now the No 2 best-selling cider on draught.

Tim Maddams says: “This cider has epic apple flavours of old but with a modern finish – Gold is perfect with spicy foods, but for something a little different  why not try wood roasted mushroom and mature cheddar on toast.”

Our featured dishes:

Mushroom and Blue Cheese Croquettes; Cider Battered Pollack fillet, Chips and Mushy Peas, Spicy Chicken Wings

Thatchers Katy This clean and fresh tasting cider’s bountiful sweet flavour belies its crisp almost dry feeling finish. A distinctive pear and jasmin aroma fills the air when the bottle top is prized open. Its light fruity feel works well with delicate savoury flavours and is perfect with citrus and chilli. Katy is crafted from the finest Katy apples to create this softly sparkling, medium dry cider.

Bini Ludlow says: “The lightness and sweetness of this drink will complement rice dishes as well as creamy kormas. A biryani with chilli chicken, or beef with jasmine rice will work well. This is a great drink to cleanse the palate.”

Our featured dishes: Mussels with Chilli, Garlic, Bacon and Katy Cider, Caramelised Onion and Sage Omelette, Bateta Varas.


Thatchers Rosé A light and attractive pink cider blended and blushed from the rosiest apples. With a delicate fruit flavour, its bubbly nature has a subtle dryness on the palate while its mellow watermelon  sweetness adds a mature feel. Fresh zingy flavours bring out the complex hidden depths in its character, cleansing the palate and working amazingly well with chilli, salty and spicy flavours.

Bini Ludlow says: Thatchers Rosé will accompany most Indian dishes due to its sparkly, light feel – try a masala fish starter or a richer meat such as a lamb kebab.”

Our featured dishes: Root Vegetable Fritters with coriander salsa; Soy, Ginger and Cider-braised pigs’cheeks; Paneer and Sweet Pepper Curry.

Thatchers Vintage All the craftsmanship of four generations of cidermaking has been poured into this Vintage cider which was voted Champion Cider in the 2013 International Brewing Awards. Matured in century old oak vats to create a rich golden, traditional medium dry cider, it’s well balanced and mature with a distinctive depth of character. Try Vintage with bold, savoury flavours, beef, lamb and spiced chutneys are ideal.

Tim Maddams says: “This brilliant crossover between traditional cider and new is genius. It’s hard to think of what wouldn’t go well, but try it with fish and chips, grilled meats or vegetables, or slow roast duck or pork.”

Our featured dishes: Cider Battered Whiting Goujons and Pumpkin Ketchup; Herb-crusted Salt Beef, Carrots and Mash, West Country Shoulder of Lamb and Aubergine curry.


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