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Our Vintage 2020 Unveiled

We’ve released our new season Thatchers Vintage 2020.

Blended from the pick of the 2020 harvest, the finest bittersweet apples have been selected for this beautifully mature 7.4% cider.

A rich golden, traditional medium dry cider, Vintage 2020 is softly rounded and mature with a depth of character coming from apples such as Dabinett and Prince William for their rich soft tannins, Somerset Redstreak for its peppery notes, and a touch of the Gala dessert apple for its distinctive fruity aroma.

This timeless traditional premium bottled cider is a firm favourite with shoppers, with new season vintages released each year.

Cold filtered, fermented and blended, Thatchers Vintage 2020 is slowly matured to give this robust cider an intense apple character and lively sparkle. Deep in flavour yet light in colour, the richness of Thatchers Vintage 2020 is rounded off with a satisfying crispness.

An image of Thatchers’ founder, first generation cider maker, William Thatcher, is being introduced to the updated rounded main label, which brings Vintage firmly into the family fold alongside Thatchers Gold, Haze, Rosé, Katy and Rascal bottles.  The fresh, contemporary design gives clear shelf standout for Thatchers Vintage 2020, whilst telling the authentic story of Thatchers’ heritage.

This traditional premium cider has a loyal consumer following with excellent frequency of purchase. In 2020, alongside other ciders in the Thatchers range, the brand grew strongly, ahead of the glass bottled cider category, at 18% volume sales*.

Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cider maker says, “Thatchers Vintage is one of our long-held favourites at Myrtle Farm. With its rich, fuller flavour it has gained a loyal following and releasing the new Vintage is always an anticipated moment in life at the Farm.”


*Volume sales IRI 52 w/e 2 Jan 2021

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