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New Contract For Pressing Ribena’s Blackcurrants

A new three year contract has been signed between Lucozade Ribena Suntory Limited and Thatchers Cider Limited, that will see all the blackcurrants grown for Ribena in the UK pressed at Thatchers’ mill in Somerset. Thatchers has been pressing the blackcurrants for Ribena for the last seventeen years, and this new agreement marks the continuation […]


Mouth-watering Dishes To Pair With Cider

Thatchers Cider has launched a campaign that promotes the versatility of our ciders to pair alongside food. We have asked two specialist chefs to create a series of recipes that not only work exceptionally well with our ciders, but promote the best regional food produce. Martin Thatcher, Managing Director of Thatchers Cider says, “Cider is such […]