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Pressing blackcurrants on Inside the Factory

Watch Inside the Factory on BBC2 at 8pm this evening (Tuesday 16th January) to see how we get involved in the making of Ribena, here at Myrtle Farm.

During the episode, presenter Gregg Wallace explores how 90% of Britain’s blackcurrants are turned into soft drinks. Before arriving at Ribena’s Gloucestershire factory, he takes delivery of 500 tonnes of blackcurrants that are delivered to Myrtle Farm.

With harvest for blackcurrants taking place during July and August, it’s at a time just before our own apple harvest – so we press blackcurrants instead of apples. Here at Myrtle Farm the blackcurrants are pressed and turned into juice; the fruit’s aromas are also captured, to be added back in at the bottling plant in Gloucestershire.

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