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Thatchers continues to make its mark with its all-new Rosé Cider

Thatchers Cider is continuing to make its mark on the apple cider category with the introduction of an all new Thatchers Rosé Cider.

Using a blend of naturally sweet, rosy-red dessert apples, including Pink Lady, Fuji and Gala, Thatchers Rosé is a deliciously sparkling Somerset Cider bursting with fruity apple flavour.

At 4.0%, Thatchers Rosé will initially be available in a 4x440ml can pack, closely followed by the introduction of a 500ml flint bottle in December. The 440ml can will be available from selected Sainsbury’s stores nationally from November 19th 2018, with other listings in the pipeline.

The light, easy to carry 4x440ml can pack will be sustainably packaged in the Thatchers innovative, recyclable cardboard carry-pack, so eliminating any need for plastic rings.

Fourth generation cidermaker Martin Thatcher says, “Thatchers Rosé is a new and exciting sweet rosé cider that gives consumers just what they’re asking for – a great tasting, characterful, sweeter, lower abv cider, made to a consistently high quality by the cidermakers at Thatchers.

“Rosé continues to demonstrate our total commitment to quality apple cider and cidermaking expertise. As with all our ciders, apple choice is hugely important to us, so we’ve selected red dessert apples, including Pink Lady, Fuji and Gala for their sweetness, aroma and quality.

Thatchers produced the market’s first rosé cider almost ten years ago.

Martin continues, “With the market moving on, now is definitely the right time to introduce this new cider. It comes with our longstanding Somerset family cidermaking heritage, but meets the needs of today’s cider consumer through taste, quality, provenance and sustainable packaging.

While new product development in the cider category has been largely focused around fruit ciders, Thatchers has been pioneering innovation within the apple sector where there is still so much room for growth.

The growth rate for Thatchers has been higher than for the fruit cider category 2018 vs. 2016 (IRI 52w/e 13th October 2018). Thatchers Haze Cider, which is naturally cloudy through the inclusion of the Jonagold apple, is now the no 1 cloudy cider in the off trade and appealing to a younger demographic, similar to fruit ciders.

Thatchers Rosé will sit alongside Thatchers Gold and Thatchers Haze in its Family Favourites collection, and ensures that Thatchers has a broad range of premium and super premium ciders through all taste profiles to suit consumers.

The 4x440ml can pack of Thatchers Rosé will have an RRP £5.50

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