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Winning Careers Inspiration in Business

We are proud winners of the Careers Inspiration in Business at the Education Business Partnership Awards.

We’d like to say a huge thank you for all the help and support from the local schools and colleges, and above all the students, who work and partner with us.

This Careers Inspiration Award is really special to us here at Thatchers as it celebrates all the hard work we do in schools and colleges with young people, who are at the heart of our young talent programme and community.

The EBP annual awards – organised by Somerset Education Business Partnership – are all about celebrating success, with everyone who works hard to inspire and encourage young people to seek out the best careers and education pathways in Somerset.

We’re really excited to celebrate all the work we’ve done in education to support young people. We’ve been working hard with local primary schools on ‘Pips Adventure’ and STEM subjects in particular science and engineering. We’ve also been working and engaging with secondary schools and colleges to help provide careers education for students across our local community.

We’re incredibly proud that all our apprentices are from our local community. It’s important as a growing company to be able to continually provide jobs for young people who live locally and provide them with opportunities.

This really is a joint effort by all the education providers too. Together they allow us to reach out to their students which helps us both grow our partnerships and support network to find the best talent and make a real difference on the careers of young people.

Our work includes going out into the local community to go to career fairs, speaking with local governors and inviting young people into our business.

For any more information on our young talent programme please get in touch with the team at

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