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Winter’s Night, the perfect mindful Cocktail for Dry January

Ring the changes during Dry January with a warming alcohol-free cocktail starring Thatchers Zero cider.

Created for Thatchers Cider by La Maison Wellness, Winter’s Night is the perfect mindful cocktail for cosy winter nights.

Thatchers Zero is an alcohol-free cider full of appley aromas and crisp refreshment. With a beautifully bright, golden appearance, crisp, medium dry taste, and fruity aroma, this is a drink with all the flavour, but none of the alcohol.

Crafted using a selection of Thatchers favourite bittersweet apple varieties, including Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak, Three Counties and Hastings, the blend of traditional and modern apples creates an alcohol-free cider with body, smoothness and character.

Like all other ciders in its range, Thatchers Zero is gluten free and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Winter’s Night 

1 bottle Thatchers Zero Cider

1 bottle Two Keys Black Tea Mixer

A spoon of marmalade

3 bay leaves


Orange Wheel

Cinnamon stick and star anise (optional)

Add the Thatchers Zero, Black Tea Mixer, marmalade, one bay leaf and a single close into a saucepan.

Bring to a gentle simmer on a medium heat, allowing the delicious winter warmer fruits and spices to infuse.

For an extra spice and sparkle add cinnamon and star anise to taste.

Serve in a tea cup. Top with with an orange wheel with cloves and a bay leaf.

Thatchers Zero is available in high street retailers including Sainsbury’s, Asda and Co-Op, and specialist retailers including Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender. RRP £1.85 for 500ml bottle

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