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Thatchers Rascal

Thatchers Rascal

Made in honour of our nocturnal resident, Rascal is full-bodied amber cider with a roguish complexity, where a little brave bitterness is balanced with a refreshingly smooth sweetness

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Tasting Notes

Rascal’s full-bodied character comes from our choice of bittersweet apples including Somerset Redstreak to add peppery notes and Tremlett’s for its flavour and tannins. This medium cider is perfect with spicy foods.

Nutritional info: Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Gluten free. Contains sulphites for freshness..

Perfect For: Drinking under the cover of darkness.

ABV 4.5%Dry Sweet

Crafted over Generations

For generations we’ve been perfecting our orchards, our craft and our cider.

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Thatchers Rascal is the perfect companion to many aromatic dishes. The orchard aroma and bittersweet nature of this craft cider guarantees to inspire the rascal within us all and will carry sweet dishes well, showing its true colours and versatility in food pairing.