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Pancake Day Campaign

With Pancake Day on its way, why not try something different this year and add Cloudy Lemon to your pancakes for a surpri-ZING twist.

We have come up with unique recipes using Cloudy Lemon Cider to make surpri-ZING-ly different and delicious pancakes. Encouraging your shoppers to pick up a pack of Cloudy Lemon cider to go with their pancakes, increasing their basket value in your store.

Download our recipe videos to use on your social channels here:

Cloudy Lemon Pancake - Video (37 downloads)


Cloudy Lemon Drizzle - Video (16 downloads)

Download recipe cards here:

Cloudy Lemon Pancake - Recipe Card (33 downloads)


Cloudy Lemon Drizzle - Recipe Card (20 downloads)

Enjoy the pancakes for yourself!