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The #PerfectCiderExcuse campaign gives you the perfect excuse to drink a Thatchers Cider anytime! (Not that we need an excuse!)

Right now in the midst of lockdown #3 we believe in making family moments matter, and what better way to do that than with a Thatchers Cider! Creating these moments shouldn’t need an excuse, but we have plenty of them!

We want people to drink a Thatchers Cider, whether it’s celebrating a big occasion, or just little wins in life, we have the perfect excuses to make the most of their family moments.

How to Join in

We’ve created a selection of #PerfectCiderExcuse for you to share on your social media channels, to let your customers know you stock our ciders and to encourage them to purchase.

Social media ideas:

We’re open for you to stock up on your essentials. #PerfectCiderExcuse

Essential Shop Complete (43 downloads)


Well it’s Friday, do you need a better excuse to stock up on your Thatchers Cider? #PerfectCiderExcuse

It's Friday - Gold (43 downloads) It's Friday - Katy (35 downloads)

Any day is a Thatchers Cider Day! Come into store to pick up yours. #PerfectCiderExcuse

Any day! (47 downloads)

Did you know all of the Thatchers Cider range is vegan friendly? #PerfectCiderExcuse

Vegan Friendly (40 downloads)

We’d love to hear your #PerfectCiderExcuse.

Use our hashtag to share those moments when you feel like you want a cider and want an excuse to treat yourself. Whether it’s after a hard day’s work and you want to relax or you’ve finally put the kids to bed, or that rare moment when the sun is out and it’s stopped raining and it makes you want a cider to enjoy that moment. They can be as weird and wonderful as you want!