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Thatchers Rascal – ABV 4.5%

Our most characterful brand:

There’s a dark shadow in the night. An amber silhouette in the light of the moon. But it’s not all mischief and mayhem. Rascal is the guardian of the bittersweet Redstreak, Dabinett and Tremlett’s apples we use to craft this unique cider. Amber and full bodied with roguish complexity. Brave bitterness balanced with smooth sweetness.

Reasons to Stock

• Playful character brand that brings fun and intrigue to the category
• Distinctive and recognisable premium branding
• Made with bittersweet apples for the more discerning cider drinker
• On Trade – Draught and bottle – Premium cider for outlets looking for something unique. By stocking Thatchers Rascal you get an exclusive copper font and glass.
• Off Trade – Bottle – Recruiting new people to the cider category with something unique.

POS Support

New stemmed pint glass
New copper font
New wooden tap handle
New tap hanger
• Drip mats
• Tent Cards
• Long Bar Runners

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• Draught 50L
• 500ml bottle

Food Pairing

Thatchers Rascal is the perfect companion to many spicy dishes. The orchard aroma and bittersweet nature of this craft cider guarantees to inspire the rascal within us all and will carry sweet dishes well, showing its true colours and versatility in food pairing.
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