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The natural fruit acids in all ciders bestow a refreshing, mouth-watering quality. And just as in wine, some taste more crisp and acidic than others (think of tart sauvignon blanc in the wine world).

A high proportion of sharp apples in the mix gives a naturally whistle-clean, super-fresh taste. And firm acidity in a cider is highly suited to certain dishes. A sip from a cool glassful acts just like a squeeze of fresh tangy lemon over white fish, scallops and prawns, and adds a subtle clean bite to seafood, salads and tomatoes. It also cuts through fried food well, especially battered fish & chips or tempura.

Susy Atkins


An especially crisp, cold cider with delicate fish like sole and plaice, fresh and simple seafood like oysters or prawns, leafy salads, tomatoes (raw or cooked), fish and chips, tempura vegetables, cooked goat’s cheese.



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