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Cider and Cheese Pairing

Photo credit: Guy Harrop. As featured in Food Magazine.

There is nothing more quintessential than serving the West Country’s best loved produce side by side – the perfect pairing of cider and cheese. With the versatility of cider, from light and refreshing styles through to more complex, rounded ciders, the fruitiness of this much-loved drink means there’s a cheese that will pair perfectly.

The tannins in rounded, oak aged ciders stand up well to stronger flavoured cheeses. Thatchers Vintage is a rich, golden medium dry cider, softly rounded with a depth of character coming from apples such as Dabinett and Prince William. Try Thatchers Vintage with smoked cheeses.





Sweeter drinks work well with blue cheeses. Thatchers Haze is crafted from dessert apples including Jonagold to create a crisp, sweet finish. Try Thatchers Haze with blue cheese.




The natural acidity in cider provides refreshing, mouth-watering qualities. Try a crisp single variety Katy cider with a saltier cheese such as goats cheese accompanied by fig jam.






Full bodied ciders are perfect partners with stronger, hard cheeses where their flavours balance and they do not overpower each other. Try Green Goblin, a beautifully balanced cider made with apples including Somerset Redstreak and Dabinett, with a mature West Country cheddar.





Thatchers Gold is a perfect match with a west country farmhouse cheddar, its carbonation cutting through the cheese, cleansing the palate ready for the next bite. Thatchers Gold is full of flavour with a rich, golden colour.





Creamy cheeses can work equally well with a fruity cider such as Thatchers Rascal. Thatchers Rascal’s full-bodied character comes from Thatchers choice of bittersweet apples including Tremletts Bitter. Try Thatchers Rascal with a creamy brie and fruity apple chutney.

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