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Juicy, Fruity & Scented

All good ciders have a natural apple flavour, of course, but some are much more overtly juicy, aromatic and fruit-driven than others. These are the rieslings/Californian rosés of the cider world! They tend to be medium-sweet and in some (purely apple) ciders other subtle fruit flavours can be found, like pear, melon or peach.

It takes certain apple varieties to provide these qualities and when you have them, food matching is sublime.

Just think of savoury dishes which feature fresh fruit, fruit sauces, fruit chutneys or caramelised onions, such as pork with apple sauce, parma ham and melon, or onion bhajis with mango chutney. These are the ones for the fruitiest ciders.

Rounded flavours, lower tannins and, importantly, rich aromas in a cider work well with fragrant spicy dishes too, so match juicy, vivacious ciders with a feast of Indian, Thai or Chinese dishes, which need upfront, succulent, off-dry styles.

Susy Atkins


Super-fruity ciders with pork and pork pies, ham and gammon, duck and steak, caramelised onions and sweet chutneys. Also with fragrant, mildly spiced Thai dishes, creamy mild Indian kormas and vegetable bhajis, Chinese dishes, especially sweet and sour.

Thatchers Rascal

Thatchers Rascal

Made in honour of our nocturnal resident, Rascal is full-bodied amber cider with a roguish complexity, where a little brave bitterness is balanced with a refreshingly smooth sweetness

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