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Mellow & Easy-Going

We all know those laid-back, popular, soft wine styles like smooth red pinot noir or quaffable white pinot grigio. Some ciders are well loved too for their gentle nature, and easy-going ‘drinkability’ on many occasions. They must be made with the mix of bittersweet, sweet and sharp apples providing a reliable and consistent fine balance, not too tannic or strong. Indeed, these ciders are often a little lower in alcohol, and medium-dry or medium-sweet, not bone-dry.

They’re the ones to pour at a feast involving a wide range of food just like a buffet or picnic. And think about tannins again. Here the very low tannin levels of the more mellow ciders mean they rarely clash with anything, even the creamiest sauces, salad creams or soft-textured food like eggs or avocados. They also have a milder flavour, generally, great with cold meats and salads and medium-sweet styles even suit tomato-cheese pizzas and crusty breads.

Finally, these are good ciders to cook with, for their all-round, no-nonsense flavours.

Susy Atkins


Savoury snacks, especially sausage rolls, mild cheeses, breads, cold chicken, hams and other charcuterie, eggs, pasta salads, cheesy pizzas, savoury quiches, creamy dips, avocados. Earthy, soft vegetable dishes like roast squash, pumpkin or aubergine.

Mellow & Easy-Going

Mellow & Easy-Going

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