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Orchard Project

Here at Thatchers, we’ve been growing apples and crafting cider for over 100 years, so you could say we know a thing or two about orchards!

The Community Orchard Project gives your charity, community or organisation the opportunity to plant and tend to your very own apple tree orchard.

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About the Project

Our Community Orchard Project is an opportunity for your charity, community or organisation to win trees to plant and grow your very own orchard.

The project shares our family’s passion for apple trees, building communities and constant effort in supporting the environment and ecosystem around us today and for the future.

More than just an Orchard...

Throughout the years, our family have grown and flourished alongside the orchards here at Myrtle Farm. However, the orchards are not just the source of our raw ingredients, they’re a haven for wildlife and an important contributor the local ecosystem.