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#ThatchersPubHeroes Limited Edition T-shirts.

The last 12 months have been challenging for us all, none more so than for the hospitality industry. Whilst we all can’t wait for pubs and bars to be open again, we want to do what we can in the meantime to support you. We’ve created a limited-edition #ThatchersPubHeroes t-shirt for you to sell, supporting pubs and bars across the country. We will send you t-shirts completely free of charge! Make sure you’re quick, there are just 20,000 t-shirts available!

Here’s how it works

  1. Each pub or bar that opts in will be sent 20 of our #ThatchersPubHeroes t-shirts (sizes will be equally split across Medium, Large, Extra Large & Extra Extra Large).
  2. Once you’ve opted in, we’ll make sure we shout about your pub across our website and Social Media channels.
  3. Then it’s over to you – let your customers know that you’re selling the t-shirts with all proceeds going towards supporting their favourite local pub or bar.
  4. We recommend selling the t-shirts at £12.99 – generating an extra £260 of cash into your till – but of course it’s entirely up to you.
  5. When you sign-up, you can also opt in to feature on our participating pubs map so we can let everyone know where they can buy a t-shirt near them. You can view the map here:
  6. Don’t forget – to receive your t-shirts, you must be a Thatchers draught stockist.

Complete the form below and we’ll make sure that your t-shirts are sent out to you within 2 -4 weeks.

For full T&Cs see:

Thatchers Pub Heroes

Download your Social Media content here and let your customers know where they can buy a #ThatchersPubHeroes t-shirt!


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