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Myrtle Farm is surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. Caring for the environment is in our blood.

500 acres of orchard and 458 varieties of apple

We are always looking to maintain a sustainable business for future generations, so looking after the environment makes sense. As well as 500 acres of orchard where we grow around 25 different varieties of apple for our cidermaking, we have a very special Exhibition Orchard. Here, 458 varieties of apple have their home, some very rare, some ancient, and all cared for under the watchful eye of John Thatcher.

In the orchards, there’s a healthy balance with the natural environment by encouraging colonies of honey bees, as well as establishing habitats for the bumblebee population.  The orchards are home to continuous research and development.

We aim to keep our impacts on the environment to a minimum.


We use wood prunings from our trees as well as miscanthus grown on the farm in our biomass boiler, which provides heating for our offices, The Jubilee Building and The Railway Inn. Nothing goes to waste throughout our cidermaking process. Even our pomace, the only parts of the apples not used in our juice, has a very important job – as cattle feed.

We have reduced the weight of our glass bottles to minimise our carbon footprint and they all contain a proportion of recycled glass.



We have been working hard to reduce our use of plastic packaging. By developing recyclable cardboard packs for our 4-cans of cider, we’re pleased to say that we no longer use plastic ring carriers.