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Award Winning Thatchers Vintage

We’ve just heard that our Thatchers 2014 Vintage Cider has been awarded Gold by the British Bottler’s Institute. And our new Thatchers Red Cider has been given a Silver Award. Thank you BBI!

The British Bottlers Institute annual awards for Ales Lagers and Ciders have been running for over fifty years and attract entries from the UK and internationally.

Thatchers Vintage is an oak matured, rich golden, traditional cider. Medium dry, it’s softly rounded and mature with a depth of character coming from bittersweet apples such as Dabinett, Somerset Redstreak and Tremlett’s.

Thatchers Red was launched earlier this year. Our favourite Katy apple provides the intense red colour and soft fruitiness in this apple cider, while the Jonagold Red lends a mellow, sweet flavour.


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