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John Penrose Mp Visits Myrtle Farm

Weston’s MP John Penrose visited us at Myrtle Farm on Friday to hear about plans for this year’s apple harvest as well as learning more about this year’s blackcurrant harvest and its importance to the local economy.

We have enjoyed a long-running partnership with Ribena since 1998, processing over 90% of the UK’s annual blackcurrant harvest.

The blackcurrants are grown by forty skilled blackcurrant growers located across the whole of the UK. The berries are hauled to us here at Thatchers during July and August, where they are processed and then tankered to Ribena’s headquarters in Coleford, Forest of Dean for bottling.

We have 400 acres of orchards in Somerset with the first apples harvested at the beginning of September.

After the visit, John Penrose MP said: “Ribena isn’t just a part of everyone’s childhood; it’s a global business with sales all round the world – just like Thatchers Cider in fact. And, apparently, pressing juice out of blackcurrants is very similar to apples, so Thatchers have all the people and machines to do it really well. It’s great to see a local firm producing something as thoroughly traditional as Ribena or cider, but in a very modern and high-tech way.”

Thatchers Managing Director Martin Thatcher said:“We have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Ribena and are delighted in showing John Penrose, our local MP around today. The summer is always an exciting time for us here at Myrtle Farm, with the blackcurrant pressing followed immediately by apple harvest.

For more information contact: Penny Adair, Tel: 0117 9040173

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