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Our Katy Cider

We have completed the pressing of our new season’s Katy apples for our single variety cider, Katy.

Katy is one of our favourite apples for making cider – in fact the 7.4% single variety cider was first crafted at Myrtle Farm almost twenty harvests ago.

Martin Thatcher comments: “The Katy apple is always the first of our apple varieties to be harvested. It’s a beautiful, bright red apple – a cross between Worcester Pearmain and James Grieve – that looks magnificent on the trees. The perfect balance between acidity and sweetness within the apple allows us to create a very crisp and refreshing cider that has been one of our favourites for many years.

“Our Katy harvest was recently featured on the BBC Harvest series. Since then people have been talking about the apples and it has generated much excitement and interest in Katy Cider,” he adds.

Thatchers has made a short film about this season’s Katy harvest – it can be viewed here:

Thatchers Katy ABV 7.4%

This single variety cider is crafted from the finest Katy apples. Light, crisp and softly sparkling, with a long smooth flavour, this medium dry cider has light strawberry notes – perfect with delicate savoury flavours, white meats and rice dishes.

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Penny Adair, Tel: 0117 9040173

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