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Presenting Thatchers Family Reserve

We are embracing a rediscovered century old family recipe to craft our new Family Reserve – an 11% sparkling apple wine.

Only the first gently pressed juice of the Katy dessert apple is used to craft this classic cuvée.

Light golden hues, gentle effervescence, with a great combination of intensity, delicacy and length, creates a dry, subtle sparkling apple wine that is akin to a fine champagne.

“This is a very exciting new addition to our family,” says Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cidermaker. “My Great Grandfather William used to make a special sparkling cider that he would refer to as champagne-style cider.

“We have rediscovered this old family recipe that was first crafted over a hundred years ago here at Myrtle Farm in Somerset. By using the first gently pressed juice of our beautiful Katy apples, we have created this delicate sparkling apple wine.

“We like to think that if champagne was made in Somerset, this is how it would taste.”

The Katy apple is a fine dessert fruit, a bright red apple that is a cross between the Worcester Pearmain and James Grieve, that provides Thatchers with the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.”

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