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We have launched a new online shop with, where a range of our bottled ciders, can packs and bag-in-box is now available.

Somerset ciders such as Thatchers Gold, Katy and Vintage, as well as our new cider Somerset Haze, are showcased on the online shop.  Traditional cider Thatchers Heritage is offered in 3 litre bag-in-box, together with the Thatchers Mixed Case of bottled Somerset ciders.

We are one of the first cider companies to have our own dedicated page on Amazon.

Thatchers’ Managing Director Martin Thatcher says, “With premium heritage ciders increasingly in demand and customers wanting to know that the cider they are drinking is the real thing, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to bring our Somerset ciders to customers across the country.”

The online shop can be found at:

All orders are direct delivered by Amazon.

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