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Wassailing For A Great Harvest

The traditional Wassail ceremony has once again been celebrated at Myrtle Farm.

We invited friends and associates together from all over the country to join in the ancient Somerset ritual of blessing the apple trees ready for a good harvest – hanging toast in the branches, pouring cider over the tree’s roots, and singing the traditional Wassail song.

The Wassail procession was led by Wassail Queen Eleanor Thatcher, together with The Green Man, Horse and the Mendip Morris Men.

The ancient Wassail ritual dates back to Pagan times, encouraging a healthy apple harvest. The evil spirits are warded away from the orchards with guns fired into the trees, and the trees awoken from their winter slumber with everyone creating as much noise as they can. Sticks are used to bang against the tree to start the sap rising. Meanwhile the good spirits are welcomed with toast hung in the branches, and the chosen tree is blessed with cider poured onto its roots.

The name Wassail comes from the Anglo Saxon “Waes Hael” – meaning Be Healthy.

“This is a great Somerset tradition to keep alive,” says Martin Thatcher.

“A good cider is all about the apples – so whilst we have every confidence in the expertise of our orchard team, we like to give them a helping hand with the Wassail ceremony!”



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