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Winning Ciders with Taste of the West

We’re thrilled to have been awarded a hat-trick of gold medals in this year’s Taste of the West Awards. Our ciders Thatchers Katy, Thatchers Zero and its Cider Barn Cox’s have all been honoured with a gold medal.

Celebrating the best food and drink in the region, the Taste of the West Awards have grown to become the most prestigious food and drink awards programme in the southwest over the last thirty years.

Thatchers Katy is a beautiful single variety cider that Thatchers has been crafting at Myrtle Farm for over 20 years. Made from just one variety of apple, Katy, this cider has the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. Fresh and fruity, with a refreshing sparkle and crisp, tangy finish, Thatchers Katy is delicious to enjoy with a meal.

Thatchers Zero was unveiled at the beginning of 2020 and is our first alcohol-free cider. Pressed from bittersweet apples grown here in the southwest, we use a unique fermentation process to create Zero’s appley aromas and crisp refreshment. Zero doesn’t compromise on quality and has gone down a treat since its launch with drinkers wanting a non-alcoholic cider oozing with character.

Thatchers Cox’s was introduced following the 2020 harvest as a speciality cider in our Cider Barn collection. This single variety cider takes its naturally sweet and juicy flavour from the instantly recognisable characteristic of the Cox’s apple. The fresh juice is fermented and cold filtered to capture and preserve the natural zest of this ever-popular dessert apple.

Martin Thatcher, our fourth generation cider maker says, “It’s always a real thrill to be recognised for the quality of our ciders. We take great care in making our ciders for people to enjoy, with quality always coming first. Thank you to Taste of the West for these awards.”

All our ciders are available to purchase here.

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