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Apple Trees for Community Projects

As part of our 2021 apple tree planting season, we are introducing our Community Orchard Project

In our ongoing support of the world around us – and of course our passion for apple trees – we would like to help community groups and charities plant more trees this spring. So we’re offering ten community groups the chance to receive ten apple trees each, ready for planting in their own community orchards or local environments.

So if you are part of a group that is planting trees this spring, simply let us know about your organisation, your orchard, and what planting trees means to you. Then on 18th February 2021 we will select the ten communities who’ll receive these very special apple trees.

“During these very difficult times, we’ve all come to appreciate even more the benefits of outdoor space,” says Martin Thatcher. “For those in towns and cities a community orchard can make such a difference to people’s well being; in health and care environments small orchards too can provide respite and tranquility throughout the year.”

We have over 500 acres of our own orchards in the West Country, that lock up approximately 182 tonnes of carbon each year.

Thatchers’ orchards are not just the source of raw ingredients for cider though. They are a haven for wildlife and an important contributor to the local ecosystem. Insects and invertebrates, birds, bats, pheasant, deer rabbits and hares to name but a few. And of course bees are vital to the health of our trees. With hives throughout our orchards, honey bees help us ensure effective pollination at blossom time.

Community groups wishing to be considered for the chance to receive ten trees from Thatchers Cider, should email explaining about your community and why planting trees is important to you. Or visit our Facebook page.

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