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A Guide to Pairing Cider with Food

By Susy Atkins, National Wine and Drinks Writer, Author and TV Broadcaster

There is nothing more delicious and satisfying than a great marriage between food and drink. And that ‘drink’ most certainly includes cider. Matching the liquid in your glass to the food on your plate is well worth aiming for – it can help bring out the very best in both. In fact, a great pairing enhances the whole meal. And anyone can do it; the basic guidelines that help us choose the right matches are surprisingly simple and straightforward to follow.


I’ve been writing and broadcasting on pairing wine and food for over 25 years. Wine is incredibly diverse and complex of course – think of all those grape varieties, for a start. But then so is cider. Consider the many different apple varieties – bittersweet, sweet and sharp – and the very different styles created by our cider producers – dry, perhaps, or bubbly, strong, oak-aged. And the more I’ve looked into it, the more I’ve found that all the pointers, the general guidelines, for great wine and food matching work just the same when partnering up cider with food – another highly versatile, natural and multi-faceted drink.


Just as you wouldn’t have any old wine with a particular dish, so it pays to think beyond just having a generic cider with your meal. To find the ideal partnerships, you need to look at what kinds of cider suit specific recipes. Sweeter, drier, richer, lighter, oak-aged, still or sparkling ciders – what will deliver the truly blissful marriages with your favourite dishes? To find the answers, here’s the low-down on successful cider matching:

Now click on each title below to discover my top tips on how to match cider with food. Thatcher’s has also provided the best example of one of its ciders in each case so you can make the perfect match yourself!

Susy Atkins